Best Bluetooth Speaker Brands 2021


The best Bluetooth speaker brand can ensure the most reliable and quality sound ever. This is sure that the producer defines the quality of that product. That’s why the brand is important. We should never compromise with the quality due to money. You may check our recent publication of New Phones 2021.

The evaluation of Bluetooth speakers is increasing comparatively in the contemporary world. They are becoming a part of our everyday work, party, or function. But selecting one qualitative Bluetooth speaker brand among various companies is not an easy task. That’s why to ease your difficult task we have brought you the best Bluetooth speaker brands ranking in 2021. You may also check our latest published post: Best Bluetooth Speaker Brand

Let’s see the top 15 best Bluetooth speaker brands in the world in 2021

01. Sony

Net Worth: $188.91 Billion
Brand Country: Japan
Funded: 7 May 1946
Founder: Masaru Ibuka, Akio Morita
CEO: Kenichiro Yoshida
Product: Consumer electronics, Semiconductors, Music, Computer hardware, Telecommunications equipment, etc.
Product Longevity: 10+ Years
Headquarters: Sony City, Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Employees: 114,400 People
Customer Service: 800-538-7550
Rating: 9.4

best bluetooth speaker brands in the world 2021

Just like other technological fields, SONY is also the best bluetooth speaker brand till 2021 producing the best bluetooth speakers. Being positioned after Bose, Sony is introducing the latest and versatile Bluetooth speaker lines. The SRS-XB23 and XB33 are now on top along with other models. With extreme bass portability the speakers come with great specifications.

They come in multiple colors, waterproofed by IP67, and totally in new designs. Like other Sony home speakers, the SRS-XB43 also includes party lighting inside it. The lights are fully integrated and can be controlled through the Fiestable app of Sony. Reducing the higher volume distortion the speakers produce the absolute sound frequency and punchier bass.  

01. Bose

Net Worth: $2 Billion
Brand Country: United States
Funded: 1964
Founder: Amar Bose
CEO: Phil Hess
Product: Loudspeakers, headphones, audio equipment, car audio, professional audio
Product Longevity: 3+ Years
Headquarters: Framingham, Massachusetts
Employees: 9,000 People
Customer Service: 1 (800) 379-2073
Rating: 9.4

best bluetooth speaker brands 2021

Original BOSE is the best Bluetooth speaker brand in 2021 from all other speaker brands with its smartest speakers. Hence, Bose is recognized as the topmost Bluetooth speaker brand. The company manufactures extremely portable speakers with powerful bass. Giving a spacious 360 degrees sound the speakers included built-in voice monitoring. The speakers are designed with high-end features and can be controlled with an even voice.

Offering more than 12 hours of battery life the speakers have premium Bose sound. Their home speakers have multi-room functionality and both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. Once you own a Bose Bluetooth home speaker it will always be with you even when you are outside. Thus, a Bose speaker is always the best choice.    

03. JBL

Net Worth: $1 Billion
Brand Country: United States
Funded: 1946
Founder: James Bullough Lansing
CEO: Dinesh Paliwal
Product: Amplifiers, loudspeakers, headphones
Product Longevity: 2+ Years
Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, United States
Employees: 12,000 People
Customer Service: 1 (800) 336-4525
Rating: 9.4

bluetooth speaker brand 2021

JBL is the king of sound and one of the best Bluetooth speaker brands in the world. With clear and crisp audio quality the JBL is now waving a big flag of achievement being recognized as one of the best Bluetooth speaker brands. JBL designs speakers keeping the high solid and the bass ahead of the average. Topping other models the JBL Charge 4 speaker is highly recommended even though it does not offer much portability.

The company manufactures strong and powerful devices with two external passive radiators. The extremely portable Wireless speaker of JBL comes with an extreme bass feeling and water and dustproof features. A rechargeable battery inside the gadget offers up to 15 hours of service. Creating potential stereo sound a JBL speaker can mostly be connected to several devices!   

04. AKG Acoustics

Net Worth: $86.7 (Samsung)
Brand Country: Austria
Funded: 1947
Founder: Dr. Rudolf Görike, Ernst Pless
CEO: Peter Breese
Product: Microphones, Headphones, Digital Hi-Fi Sound Systems
Product Longevity: 5+ Years
Headquarters: Northridge, Los Angeles, California, United States
Employees: 170 People
Customer Service: 00 43 676 83200888
Parent Organization: Harman International
Rating: 9.3

best bluetooth speaker brands 2021
AKG Acoustics

AKG is another best brand for high-functioning Bluetooth speakers. With maximum durability and noise-canceling ability, the brand produces high qualitative portable Bluetooth speakers. From travel companions to home completion, the company’s Bluetooth speakers are great servants.

However, with 180-20 kHz frequency response and lithium polymer type battery facilities, AKG’s S30 light weight travel speaker is a gem in one word. They come with a matt vibe and blackish color. Also, the dotted dual microphone conferencing system is rigorous in performance. With the least charging requires, the brand is successful in making easy bearable speakers for the convenience of the users.   

05. Beats Electronics

Net Worth: $3 Billion
Brand Country: United States
Funded: 2006
Founder: Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine
CEO: Jimmy Iovine, Ian Rogers, Dr. Dre, Noel Lee
Product: Headphones, Bluetooth-enabled accessories, Speakers
Product Longevity: 5+ Years
Headquarters: Culver City, California, United States
Employees: 700 People
Customer Service: 1 (800) 442-4000
Parent Organization: Apple
Rating: 9.3

best bluetooth speaker brands 2021
Beats Electronics

If you are looking for five stars like quality within a reasonable piece, no option could be better than beats electronics. The company is pretty much expert in making many electronic devices but Bluetooth speakers are their first priority. With satisfying hours of playback capability and durable chassis integrity, many of the Bluetooth speakers are the master creation of the company.

In case of compatibility, the brand is already producing high endurance qualitative speakers. They are very much competitive and arguably with other reputed brands including apple. The expandable bass frequency is so amazing that the beats of rap songs or rock songs help to cancel the extra noise from the air.   

06. Sennheiser

Net Worth: $1 Billion
Brand Country: Germany
Funded: 1 June 1945
Founder: Fritz Sennheiser
CEO: Daniel Sennheiser, Andreas Sennheiser
Product: Audio electronics
Product Longevity: 3+ Years
Headquarters: Wedemark, Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany
Employees: 2,734 People
Customer Service: 1 (952) 392-2132
Rating: 9.2

best bluetooth speaker brands 2021

In the audio world, Sennheiser is another reputed brand for making high endurance Bluetooth speakers. The features and functions of the speakers are loud and clear like air. Basically, a seamless, easy Bluetooth connection majority and loudspeakers make a Bluetooth speaker enchanting and potential.

However, the LSP 500 PRO is the best cable free speaker both suitable for indoor and outdoor sounding systems. With several facilities, this audio speaker is the best choice for the professionals. They give a sleek blackish color to the body and set the speakers on an integral surface for better sound system.

07. Focal-JMLab

Net Worth: $200 Million
Brand Country: France
Funded: 1979
Founder: Jacques Mahul
CEO: Markus Schuster
Product: home audio, mobile audio, professional audio
Product Longevity: 3+ Years
Headquarters: Saint-Etienne, France
Employees: 230 People
Customer Service: (888) 340-4403
Parent Organization: Vervent Audio Group
Rating: 9.0

best bluetooth speaker brands 2021

With high sensitive durable sounding, Focal brand manufactures some great deal of Bluetooth speakers. They upgrade their best versions every year for strong compatibility. The IS 165 Bluetooth speaker is one of the upgraded versions, which is not only budget friendly but also provides satisfactory sound quality.

However, the brand is determined in producing benchmark acoustic elements for a long time and has become an expert in making Bluetooth speakers with full technology support. The wireless XS book of this brand is the new arrival with super technology conferencing. The postured body of the speaker is classy and the sound system is arguable enough. 

08. Audio-Technica

Net Worth: $1 Billion
Brand Country: Japan
Funded: 1962
Founder: Hideo Matsushita
CEO: Phil Cajka
Product: Headphones, Microphones, Turntables, Phonograph cartridges, Wireless microphones
Product Longevity: 5+ Years
Headquarters: Machida, Tokyo, Japan
Employees: 250 People
Customer Service: 1 (330) 686-2600
Rating: 8.5

best bluetooth speaker brand 2021

Manufacturing the best wireless Bluetooth turntable the company Audio-Technica is also doing great in this sector. Their AT-LP60BT comes with a tremendous audio quality speaker. The company has been producing high-quality audio products for years with pride. Their speaker includes volume, play, pause, power, built-in audio input jack, mic, and every compatibility.

Their Bluetooth devices include TF card and built-in rechargeable battery. The battery plays up to 10 hours in one charge. They serve within 10 miter range when paired to another Bluetooth device. The fully automatic device offers decent balance hanging the music all together which gives a great feeling.

09. Beyerdynamic

Net Worth: $500 Million
Brand Country: Germany
Funded: 1924
Founder: Eugen Beyer
CEO: Edgar van Velzen
Product: Audio engineering, Transducer -headphones, microphones etc.
Product Longevity: 3+ Years
Headquarters: Heilbronn, Germany
Employees: 400 People
Customer Service: 1 (631) 293-3200

best bluetooth speaker brand 2021

Not only offering good sound audio for music the brand Beyerdynamic provides Bluetooth speakers that are a great solution for mobile conferences. Hence, Beyerdynamic has also achieved recognition as one of the best Bluetooth speaker brands. Among all their creations the PHONUM wireless speakerphone is mostly popular.

Offering premium loudspeakers with the Gecko 360 degree developed technology their speaker phones have voice tracking feature. Tracking the voice through three different modes their speakers are compatible enough. Having connecting features to all androids and all voice or video call apps a Beyerdynamic Bluetooth speaker can be taken anywhere anytime!

10. Plantronics

Net Worth: $1.5 Billion
Brand Country: United States
Funded: 1961
Founder: Keith Larkin, Courtney Graham
CEO: Robert Hagerty
Product: Voice and content, video, teleconference, telecommunications, telepresence, and infrastructure software, hardware, and services
Product Longevity: 3+ Years
Headquarters: Santa Cruz, California
Employees: 4,000 People
Customer Service: 1 (855) 765-7878
Parent Organization: Plantronics, Inc.
Rating: 8.4

best bluetooth speaker brand 2021

Another company that is working hard for your convenient conference calls is Plantronics. Simplifying all the types of audio and video calling, a Plantronics Bluetooth speaker delivers hassle-free sounds. The USB adapter includes the Plantronics 86700-01 Calisto 620 Bluetooth Speaker. The speakers deliver 7 hours of talk time and 5 days of standby time.

Plantronics wireless Bluetooth speaker gives coverage of 360 degree. The microphones are featured with bi-directional intelligence. The microphones are automatically directed to the speaker’s voice. The gadgets reduce background noise prioritizing the major sounds.    

11. Skullcandy

Net Worth: $300 Million
Brand Country: United States
Funded: 2003
Founder: Rick Alden
CEO: Jason Hodell
Product: Headphones, Audio equipment, audio accessories
Product Longevity: 3+ Years
Headquarters: Park City, Utah
Employees: 300 People
Customer Service: 1 (888) 697-5855
Rating: 8.0

best bluetooth speaker brand 2021

Skullcandy is also slaying the technology sector with their mini portable Bluetooth speaker. So, the company also enlisted its name in the list of the best Bluetooth speaker brand. The Barricade lines Bluetooth speaker of Skullcandy is till now nailing down all other portable speakers. Including integrated controlling features, the wireless range is 10m.

The company designs speakers resistant from water and other impacts. The devices are manufactured for any outdoor settings and rough features. They can be connected with multiple devices right away. Ensuring best and powerful sound quality with dual drivers their speakers offer battery service of up to 6 hours.  

12. Bang & Olufsen

Net Worth: $2 Billion
Brand Country: Denmark
Funded: 1925
Founder: Peter Bang, Svend Olufsen
CEO: Henrik Clausen
Product: High-end audio
Product Longevity: 2+ Years
Headquarters: Struer, Denmark
Employees: 1,028
Customer Service: N/A
Parent Organization: Harman International
Rating: 7.9

best bluetooth speaker brand 2021
Bang & Olufsen

Going out of the box the company Bang and Olufsen is also trying hard to get the best out of all their creations in their wireless Bluetooth speakers. The Beoply A9 4th-Gen Bluetooth speaker of the Bang and Oulfsen till now the best tested speaker. With impeccable sound quality and reach the speaker is designed with high quality features.

Though the speaker is a bit pricey and takes time to set up, once you are done setting up the device is extremely easy to use. Allowing multi-room connectivity the Bang and Olufsen speaker has bass feature and Ethernet port. Overall, owning a Bang and Olufsen Bluetooth speaker is like having a party mode always.  

13. Sonos

Net Worth: $4.48 Billion
Brand Country: United States
Funded: 2002
Founder: John MacFarlane, Trung Mai, Tom Cullen, Craig Shelburn
CEO: Patrick Spence
Product: High-end audio, speaker, etc.
Product Longevity: 2+ Years
Headquarters: Santa Barbara, California, United States
Employees: 1,450 People
Customer Service: 00 49 31888 642300
Rating: 7.5

best bluetooth speaker brand 2021

Sonos is recommended as the brand which is perseverance in making higher grade featured Bluetooth speakers. The brand also makes sure that the speakers work well without the availability of WiFi connection. It provides a very compact look to its speakers so it can be transferable from one place to another place.

With top-spec sound tech Sonos rolled out a Bluetooth speaker device which is Ikea Sonons Symfonisk. It is an affordable concise piece of audible acoustic with huge bass depth. It gets way too loud indoor and cancels the out noises through its bits outdoors.

14. Anker

Net Worth: $2.2 Billion
Brand Country: China
Funded: 2011
Founder: Steven Yang
CEO: Steven Yang
Product: Wireless speakers, Soundbars, Powerbanks, Wireless security cameras, etc.
Product Longevity: 2+ Years
Headquarters: Shenzhen, China
Employees: 500-1000 People
Parent Organization: Anker Innovations
Rating: 7.2

best bluetooth speaker brand 2021

Anker is gradually ranking as a device provider brand significantly. Among the devices, the brand has gained a special name for making high qualitative endurance Bluetooth speakers. It guarantees you a playback time of around 24 hours and the range of the Bluetooth is more than 50 meters.

Soundcore’s curved edges and the surface leveled up speakers lit the whole device in a drastic way. Within the least charge requirements the batteries that the brand provides are rigid and rustic. Most of them are dustproof and waterproof. Most importantly, they come with different colors including black, blue or red to match your taste.

15. Denon

Net Worth: $2 Billion
Brand Country: Japan
Funded: 1910
Founder: Peter Bang, Svend Olufsen
CEO: Henrik Clausen
Product: Audio, visual
Product Longevity: 2+ Years
Headquarters: Kawasaki, Japan
Parent Organization: Sound United LLC
Rating: 7.0

best bluetooth speaker brand 2021

Denon provides comparatively a premium service when it comes to the Bluetooth speaker. Specially their sleek design and high-tech bass depth formula is so fascinating. However, Denon Envaya FBA_DSB100BKEM speaker is one of the best creations of the brand for several useful reasons.

They are precisely made for carrying one place to another and it weighs very light as well. Also, it is NFC certified which embodies its magnetic superiority. It comes with stereophonic sound quality and overall a good shot of invested money.

#Top 10 Bluetooth Speaker Brands 2021

  1. Sony – Brand Country: Japan
  2. Bose – Brand Country: United States
  3. JBL – Brand Country: United States
  4. AKG Acoustics – Brand Country: Austria
  5. Beats Electronics – Brand Country: United States
  6. Sennheiser – Brand Country: Germany
  7. Focal-JMLab – Brand Country: France
  8. Audio-Technica – Brand Country: Japan
  9. Beyerdynamic – Brand Country: Germany
  10. Plantronics – Brand Country: United States


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