The Best Free Apps for iPhone in 2021


Looking for the best free apps for iPhone in 2021 so that you can play more with your device? Here you go! We are actually providing you with some awesome iphone free apps of 2021. These apps are absolute fun to use and easy to understand. Different iPhone apps offer you different privileges that you might not be aware of. Also, please see the Best iPhone in 2021.

We have updated our list of free iphone apps today in 2021. This list contains the useful apps that you need in your day-to-day use. Mostly the new iPhone users do not know the valuable apps needed for them. That’s why we make this list so that you can check your needs and download the necessary apps for yourself. Our another publication of New Laptops 2021 is really awesome.

These top free apps for the iPhone will relieve you from so many daily official tasks. Technology is always being used for making life easier and you should not miss this opportunity.

Here is the most popular free ios apps for iphone & ipod in 2021 including app rating.

01. Cam Scanner-Scanner to scan PDF

Review: 4.8 (312.8k Rating)
App Present Version: 5.18.2
Size: 209.9 MB
Developer: NTSIG Information Co, Ltd
Category: Productivity
Compatibility: IOS 11.0 or later
Language Availability: In 14 Language
Type: Free

free apps for iphone 2021

Looking for a scanner which can bring a transparent and clear version of a vague and obscure piece of paper? Then, as an iPhone user, go with this satisfied app. Its delicate features can automatically enhance the beauty of the scanned paper and its cropping function gives it a perfect balance. Any documents can be scanned with the camera of the phone and can have a copy just like the original version of the document.

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The app features some extra options of customizing along with scanning documents. The app is efficient enough in transferring the scanned documents via fax throughout over thirty countries at once. Also, it provides a security lock system to keep the important documents safe and untouched by anyone. One can scan as many documents as one wants and can finish their work with less effort.   

02. iTranslate Translator

Review: 4.7 (351.1K Rating)
App Present Version: 12.7.11
Size: 586 MB
Developer: iTranslate GmbH
Category: Productivity
Compatibility: IOS 10.0 and watch OS 3.0 or later
Language Availability: In 25 Language
Type: Free

free apps for iphone 2021

This free app of translating from one language to another language of iPhone is a blessing to its progression. More than a hundred languages can easily be translated through this free app. Any kind of messages, voice to voice conversations and websites that include a nifty Safari extension can be translated through this blissful app.

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The app features different facilities and functions as per the updated versions every time. As an award winning app, this app has offline translation mode and if you want to translate and signature or sign or menus, you just have to turn on your camera on that point and you’ll have the translation being done within some seconds. It requires internet connection to run. But one can use it without the internet by downloading language packs.

03. Documents by Readdle

Review: 4.8 (273.9k Rating)
App Present Version: 7.1.3
Size: 208 MB
Developer: Readdle Inc.
Category: Productivity
Compatibility: IOS 11.0 or later
Language Availability: In 12 Language
Type: Free

free apps for iphone 2021

If you want to be organized and have a better option to pile up your important files, then this free app should be in your iPhone. Its grant facilities and benefits make the iPhone worth its price. It can import and save files from your other devices like, cloud, computer or pad or anything. It can download links of websites and save them in a specific way and you can mark that to read later by clicking a certain option.

Through this app, one can share links to websites or image libraries and can store the necessary files and emails. It has access to all kinds of cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and so on. It has a lofty security system which ensures the confidentiality of the important files and attachments. Through this app one can read books, watch movies or listen to songs by importing those through devices like computers or sources online.    

04. Google

Review: 4.6 (250.6k Rating)
App Present Version: 102.0
Size: 229.8 MB
Developer: Google LLC
Category: Utilities
Compatibility: IOS 13.0 or later
Language Availability: In 33 Language
Type: Free

best free ios apps 2021

To stay up to date with the contemporary world and to enrich you with the news and views of different things out of different issues or anything, Google is the best companion of all the time. Nowadays, Google helps with solving the problem of every personal issue to far staying issues by providing the best exclusive and correct answers. Just click the search button to search any place of restaurant or shopping mall or theater, it will show up with positive replies.

Google is one of the most significant apps that can come up with every solution and the thirst of the inquisitive learners can easily be satisfied if they fall into the vast ground of information and knowledge of Google app. Search and browse anything in Google, your completion of things will be alleviated soon.  

05. Truecaller

Review: 4.5 (173k Rating)
App Present Version: 11.2
Size: 283.7 MB
Developer: Scandinavia AB
Category: Utilities
Compatibility: IOS 11.0 or later
Language Availability: In 30 Language
Type: Free

best free ios apps 2021

This life saver app is one of the best created apps in the App Store. Getting troubled with the foul calls, spam messages and fake chatters? Then include yourself among the 250 million users who use this necessary app on a regular basis to lead a life away from cheats. With the high features this app functions according to your needs. It can automatically find out the identity and information of the fraud at an instant and it provides the option of calling any friends directly using T9.

 Also, one can have a little chit-chat with their friends and family and its other options provide the facility of copying an unknown number and can give a glance of the details by using the truecaller widget. To ensure your privacy this app grabs its every possible way and reaches it to your hands. So, better use it wisely.

06. Pocket: Save. Read. Grow.

Review: 4.8 (16.8K Rating)
App Present Version: 7.20.0
Size: 163.4 MB
Developer: Read It Later, Inc
Category: News
Compatibility: IOS 11.0 or later
Language Availability: In 13 Language
Type: Free

best free ios apps 2021

This app is hell of a great use of this era. One can save any contents based on anything like writings, movies, stories, sports and topics that are matter to you. Then you can just customize the whole function according to your wish and have the opportunity of recreating the reading experience by using the customizable display.

This app uplifts with the great recent popular contents and if you want to have knowledge of the contemporary entertainments with news and views, this pocket app is present with its versatility. It is like the whole universe is in your pocket. You just have to learn your interests and then grab it and put it in your pocket and fuel it whenever you feel the necessity even when you are running out of net.   

07. Microsoft Excel

Review: 4.7 (428K Rating)
App Present Version: 2.36
Size: 283 MB
Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Category: Productivity
Compatibility: IOS 12.0 or later
Language Availability: In 34 Language
Type: Free

free apps for iphone 2021

This useful app provides facilities that one cannot deny. Microsoft Excel gives you to create your own way of managing files attached with email messages. This app, in your phone, gives its best to make you do your work even when you are moving from one place to another.

From data analysis to managing finance, you can do all in one app. The features of this app leads you to create instant graphics, charts of documents and you can easily imprint the complex formulas within the least time. So, to make your own spreadsheets with fine templates and to share those to the comfort zones, you should use this app without thinking twice.

08. Skype for Business

Review: 4.3 (12K Rating)
App Present Version: 6.26.2
Size: 156.8 MB
Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Category: Business
Compatibility: IOS 9.3 or later
Language Availability: In 31 Language
Type: Free

free apps for iphone 2021

Well, this free iPhone app is playing a very important role in the site of any business or office work. From sharing presentations to handling any meetings this app is perfect. If your wireless connection of the wifi is speedy then using this app for your job will be hell of a satisfaction.

With high compatibility and features this app comes with everything you might need. You can easily make a video conversation or make a group or invite people regarding your job. With different calling features and instant messaging this app offers you an easy way to Skype through your mobile device. So, calling a meeting is easy and attending the meeting is way easier now.  

09. Lyft

Review: 4.9 (8M Rating)
App Present Version: 6.28.3
Size: 372.5 MB
Developer: Lyft, Inc.
Category: Travel
Compatibility: IOS 11.0 or later
Language Availability: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Type: Free

free apps for iphone 2021

Lyft is a free iphone app that makes your life easy and going one place from another easier. This iphone app provides you with drives that are highly rated and trustworthy. If you are an iphone user then I must say you are privileged with a splendid app.

This app comes with some exclusive features like knowing the total cost before you ride to that place and also direct payment through your mobile device. This app ensures your maximum safety and reaches your requested location creating no trouble. Driver goes to fetch you from your place within some moments of your request through the app. So, install it and have fun with a safe ride.

10. Bitmoji

Review: 4.2 (84.2K Rating)
App Present Version: 10.80
Size: 162 MB
Developer: Bitstrips Inc.
Category: Utilities
Compatibility: IOS 10.0 or later
Language Availability: In 30 Language
Type: Free

free apps for iphone 2021

Bitmoji app is a super fun app that you don’t want to miss! This extreme fun app offers you to make an avatar of yourself through a huge library of stickers. You will get every feature in this app from which you can create your own incarnation.

The fun fact of this app is that you can use those stickers to any platform of chatting. Stickers resemble you in them is hell of a fun to make your conversation more joyous with people. Now messenger, snapchat, whatsapp and everything is more fun and enjoyable. Moreover, this app doesn’t forget to surprise you by launching new features to make your day way better. 

11. Shazam

Review: 4.9 (4.5M Rating)
App Present Version: 13.14
Size: 40 MB
Developer: Shazam Entertainment Limited
Category: Music
Compatibility: IOS 11.0 or later
Language Availability: In 16 Language
Type: Free

free apps for iphone 2021

Shazam is a perfect free iphone app for every song lover. This app can detect any song with its lyrics, videos and artists. If you are wondering about listening to a song from a restaurant but do not know its name of who can be the artist then this app will help you with everything.

Most interesting thing is that this app comes in every device of apple. Now, Shazam comes in a dark mode enhancing its look. This app also can add those identified music to the apple music. This app works offline too. You can turn on this app and it automatically keeps searching songs one after another. You can discover music all over the world going through the recommendations Shazam provides. 

12. Spotify: Music and Podcasts

Review: 4.8 (11.8M Rating)
App Present Version: 8.5.54
Size: 126 MB
Developer: Spotify
Category: Music
Compatibility: IOS 11.0 or later
Language Availability: In 32 Language
Type: Free

free apps for iphone 2021

This is another fantastic app for iPhone users who are passionate about music. With some excellent contents this app is easy to understand and use. If you want to find any specific track or the album name you can search it here and the results come up with seconds.

This app is useful to you if you want to make your own music collection and it also podcasts on your device. Thus, this app is free and absolutely fun to use. So, would you miss the chance to use it when you have an iphone. 

13. Netflix

Review: 4.0 (182.5K Rating)
App Present Version: 12.28.0
Size: 73.1 MB
Developer: Netflix, Inc.
Category: Entertainment
Compatibility: IOS 12.0 or later
Language Availability: In 28 Language
Type: Free

free apps for iphone 2021

Whether you are a movie lover or a series lover you get it all in Netflix. And this app is a massive privilege to all the iphone users out there. You can get here movies, series of most talked about and also documentaries, popular TV shows and what not!

It recommends all the series that you would love to watch. Moreover, this app requires individual accounts of your family, thus, it creates recommendations based on your favorite category or every personality. You can download any titles to your device and watch it offline. So, these apps are actually awesome and give you exactly what you want. From your daily work or your office work to your passion, everything you can pursue using these apps. Let’s make life easier and more fun using these apps.

#Here is the top 10 Free Apps for iPhone in 2021

RankApp NameCountrySize
01Cam ScannerChina219 MB
02iTranslateAustria562.8 MB
03DocumentsUnited States235.7 MB
04GoogleUnited States233.9 MB
05TruecallerSweden281.8 MB
06PocketUnited States139.6 MB
07Microsoft ExcelUnited States274.5 MB
08Skype for BusinessUnited States156.8 MB
09LyftZimbabwe366.4 MB
10BitmojiCanada110.5 MB



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