As the day has gone by, the fans are left behind the TV screen watching their most favorable doing what they do best only on TV screen while the aftermath effect of the coronavirus pandemic has compelled everyone not to present in the stadium watching as the game unraveled in each ninety minutes.

More so, Manchester city will be hoping that fans could be fully back to their position while they are on the verge of winning their third English Premier League in four years, theCityzen will mostly do so in favor of the odds at -1600 on the sportsbook to lift the trophy once again.

However, with constant repetition of having to watch Television every time, many football fans have had their chances switch to the virtual reality of the beautiful game as they wish to take part of the game while they control the game pad themselves while at the comfort of the home.

But with the popularity of android and while the android developer keeps bringing the best out of the operating system to ensure that the user has their best in all software, coupled with new releases of each game to foster the rivalry that ensure that the gamer demands for more.

Below we talk about the best soccer game on Android platform as the newest release of the game are sure to advance on their previous shortcomings



Pro Evolution Soccer has been the most competing soccer game with FIFA on PC, consoles and the likes as KONAMI’s PES and EA Sports FIFA have been the most sold-out game in the world of soccer, since the dawn of the century. However, due to the coronavirus many virtual games companies had to adjust with little or less to prepare the newer version of their gaming brand and the likes of EA Sport FIFA is not immune to this new normal.

But with the new FIFA 21’ the upgraded graphics and much improved game engine gives the player an experience of new gaming experience with panache to visuals, and all-new gameplay. The most anticipated mode on FIFA over the years, either on consoles or mobile, is the Ultimate Team.

More so, with an on-point decision of EA’s to rename its mobile football game to FIFA Mobile has moved the series further away from the FIFA part of that name and closer to the mobile bit while the core of the game is all about kicking the ball around the field while the gamer must do so as fast as it can, however, there’s a focus on short snappy play, collecting cards, and the social interaction.

Also, with the Kickball league in this newest version of the FIFA Mobile game, the game practically walks the gamers through the needful controls and all the options regarding the game. Moreover, the player can go on a Head-To-Head match with competitors around the world. Choose their formation and make their tactics to participate in league tournaments and claim their place on the leaderboards.

PES 2021


It could have been well placed as one of the riskiest projects embarked on by the Konami’s team in recent time while it is an upgraded version of the PES 2020. The release of the newer version has the same gameplay and graphical features like the older one, PES 20’.

Although there have a little change in the jersey and some naming couple with auditory differences compare to the PES 2020 but the PES 2021 invokes a Déjà vu to the gamer due to it menus and other feature that practically classify the PES 21 as PES 20 more or less.

While it is very hard to spot the differences in the newer and older version of the Pro Evolution Soccer series, based on their non-visual improvements or major mode extensions, equivalent to a master remake of a classic game.

Some exciting alterations, such as camera perspective, unique running with the ball techniques, and a restructured immersive Master League experience, were launched by PES 2020. More also, all of the aforementioned adjustments were much significant in-between PES 2019 and PES 2020 as they were easy to spot.

In PES 2021, aside from a shallow colour change and the soundtrack changes, the menus, match displays, team intros, appearance, and modes are all similar to PES 2020. But all-rounder, the PES 2021 IN PES 2020 version has been a better game on android mobile.

Soccer star 2021


The soccer star is a genuine advance game compared to their last release of soccer star 2020. With more accessibility, menu, gameplay, graphics and other improved templates of the game, the soccer star has been racking an average rating of 4.5 rating out of 5 stars is a reference to how much the soccer star producing team have improved.

Although the difficulty level of the game makes it more interesting, thegame starts out easy enough. The controls are simple to learn and the graphics are pretty good.

However, the game gets difficult over time unless the player takes merit of the premium mechanics. Still, it’s a fun game, at least for a little while. It’s nowhere near as good as some of these other games, but it’s definitely better than most others.

Soccer Manager 2021


Soccer Manager 2021 is one of the newer games in the field of mobile football. With an outstanding simulation of the management skill, the soccer manager 2021 advanced rightly from the 2020 version will enable the gamers to enjoy their management skill on the android operating system. The gamers can virtually run their football team and can choose between the various teams across many countries while the gamers can build them up to be champions.

Moreover, the game characterized some simple and reliable graphics, with full game simulations, and many more advances. The soccer manager 2021 has a decent overall experience with a good amount of depth.

Although, it possesses some negative antics while it drags when the game has been played for a long time and some gamers have shown their grievances toward some of its execution, but by and large people seem to enjoy it so far.


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