There are a lot of things to consider when buying a TV that will specifically support your fandom, but each of these gadgets check all the necessary boxes in their own way

With thousands of televisions on the market today, it can be hard to differentiate which ones will serve their owner best. However, for the dedicated sports fan, this pool of possibilities is narrowed down to a select few that have been uniquely designed and manufactured to support sports viewing.

Because watching sporting events is a fundamental part of fandom, one must seek out TVs that can handle fast-motion pictures, and provide high-quality, bright graphics among other features. Here are our picks of the top 4K TVs for the crazed supporter that wants to get the most out of their live sports broadcast experience.


Our first selection, the LG CX OLED, is an all-around knockout for sports viewing. To begin with, the TV is available in several different sizes (48″ 55″ 65″ 77″) that each support 4K, which means that the buyer has the freedom to choose which model suits them best. Additionally, the TVs wide angle-viewing feature allows medium to large groups to gather around and watch the big game with equally great perspectives.

The OLED technology provides crystal clear, cinematic images that perform well even with fast-moving content. These factors are only enhanced when viewing the event in dimly lit or black rooms, so no matter the sport or setting, the LG CX OLED delivers thoroughly.

Hisense H9G

Next up is the Hisense H9G which contains an efficient LED panel that has been proven to perform consistently well over time and is extremely energy efficient. However, hands down the best thing about this Hisense model is the fact that it is an Android TV.  Because the Hisense H9G functions under an Android operating system, supporters have around-the-clock access to the games they want to see, finding them through streaming apps on their smartphone device.

This is a great option for the modern fan who enjoys interacting with their favorite leagues through virtual sports betting, as they never have to worry about missing an important play that could alter the game and therefore their wagering outcome. As more and more legalized online sportsbooks begin to expand in the virtual world with no deposit offers for new users, fans are looking for TVs that support a viewing experience catered to 24/7 access. After all, electronic devices like these that provide streaming services connect the customer directly to the content they want to see, in the exact moment they want to see it.

Dolby Vision TLC Class 6-Series

Out of all the TVs on this list, the Dolby Vision TLC 6-Series provides some of the clearest, smoothest images for sports viewing. The brand already has a great reputation for its high-quality, glossy pictures, but this flat screen, 4K beauty will wow any fan no matter the occasion. Because it’s equipped with a contrast control zone that adapts color based on light, viewers won’t have to worry about uninvited glares or unclear images.

Available in 55”, 65″ or 75″ this electronic masterpiece features voice control functions that easily sync to work with various Smart command services like Alexa and Siri. Not to mention the TV’s “Game Mode” boasts an impressive refresh rate that makes hardcore console gaming possible without delays. So whether you’re watching the big game on screen or playing one yourself, the Dolby Vision TLC 6-Series provides a memorable, immersive experience.        


These televisions are also great for watching movies or series in the comfort of your own home

Samsung Q60T Series QLED HDR

Samsung TVs are generally top-of-the-line products known for their incredible display manufacturing that rarely disappoints their customers. The same is true for one of the company’s newest models, the Q60T Series. Because this TV features Quantum Dots, pictures are delivered in a unique way compared with other products.

This technology is able to bring bright colors in many different shades so that images appear realistic and crisper than ever before. Additionally, the HDR and QLED combination delivers speedy sports content without lags or interruptions, keeping fans fully attentive to the game from start to finish.


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